Recommended Courses close to Tokyo.

The tournament course for Japan short course tournament

KITAYATSU Golf Garden 【Chiba】 北谷津ゴルフガーデン

18H East 865yards, West 670yards Par54

Wide fare way recommended for novice players

TBC TAIYO CLUB 【Tochigi】 TBC 太陽クラブ

9H 1360yards(1505yards)Par29

Tricky courses for adavanced players

SANWA Technical Golf Range 【Chiba】 三和テクニカルレンジ

18H @toH 760yards, ItoQ 988 yards Par54

Playable as long as possible, Course over 40 years history

SIMOTSUMA Mini Golf Club 【Ibaraki】 下妻ミニゴルフ

9H 1027 or 1217 yards Par28

Various types of courses with huge greens

RYUGASAKI Short Course 【Ibaraki】 竜ヶ崎ショートコース

18H East 1083 yards, West 1116 yards Par54

Flat courses in Chyoufu Tokyo

TOUHOU CYOUFU Sports Park 【Tokyo】東宝調布スポーツパーク

9H 1440 yards Par30

Varioue types of courses, up and down, of 18 courses

KUMAGAYA Short Course 【Saitama】 熊谷ショートコース

18H 1620 yards or 1743 yards Par54

Good access from Tokyo with long history. Hot spring close to the course

ASHIKARI Golf Course 【Saitama】 芦刈ゴルフコース

9H 834 or 692 yards Par27

Great sea side couse to see the Oiso coast

OISO Golf Course 【Kanagawa】 大磯ゴルフコース

9H 1040 yards Par27

Great Mt. Fuji view

TAKANE PUBLIC Golf Club 【Shizuoka】高嶺パブリックゴルフクラブ

9H Bent Green 1553 yards,
Kourai Green 1439 yard