The responsible of carrying own golf push cart or bag must not cost other player any troubles.
The rules and manners must be obeyed and it is also necessary to have the skills of hole-out.


Main precautions * It is suitable for any golf courses

-Please cooperate with other player and unreasonably hold up

 or delay other players from continuing their game. Difference course will have different limited
 game time.
-Please prepare your own golf club. (Sharing one golf club during the game is prohibited).
-Club must be comfort to the specification that suitable for the shooting distances.
-Please wait to start the game until the previous group of players had hole-out.
-Running, roughing or scraping the putting green are prohibited.
-During the game, the players must be responsible on every action taken and own belongings.
 (Players are responsible on their mistakes on injuring or damaging others in the worst case,

 please hold on the own responsibility and solve the problem oneself.

 We, the Golf Club will not hold any responsible on the situations occurs.)
-If lightning is expected, after the announcement, everyone must immediately evacuate from

 the field and back to the nearest Club House or any Refuge.
-Customer that does not playing or involve in the game are not allowed to enter the golf course.
-After the payment is made, if customer in needs to leave earlier or halfway of

 the game, please be alert that no refund will be made.
-Please smoke at the place where the smoking facilities had been installed.

 After done smoking, please remember to throw the tobacco ashes into
 the designed place. Littering is strictly prohibited.