What is Par3golf!

Regarding to Par3Golf

The golf course is where the game of golf is played with its typical distance and comprised
with series of holes.
Apart from that, the short Par 3 which have minimum of 9 -holes course that generally
called as the Short @Course that have the short-distance (1 hole minimum of 40~50 yard
and maximum approximately 200 yard).

Specification of Par3golf

Play a care-free and casual sense of compact 9-holes course which only takes around 60~90 minutes.

Normal assumption of a golfer

From now on to enjoy playing a genuine par 3 game, it is mainly from the light golfer
or even ladies golfer.
To mastering the skills like approach or putter, it will be become better to join
with the skilled golfers and learn from them.

Level of being well play

There is no preference on the level of a golfer. However, we refuse to have a extreme beginners.
Also, there are intermediate level players that been slow or in reversely being too fast to pat the balls
which is been strictly prohibited in the games.