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New series of recovery wear launched by VENEX Co., Ltd
VENEX Co., Ltd specialized in recovery wear for rest and sleep release gSleeph and gComforth series made of supima cotton.
The series is softer and gentler than previous product made of 100% polyester material. The "sleep" series consist of gown, pajamas, beddings
and so on.
Comfort" series consist of luxurious clothes such as a cardigan and one-piece dresses. These new products will be available nationwide department stores and online sites from the 2016 autumn.
The first select shop to pursue the rest already started the pre-sale from March 2016. It is located in gIsetan House" in front of Nagoya Station.
Please call +81-046-280-4117 for enquiries


PGA@TOUR@SUPERSTOREAlaunched in Tsukuba Gakuen higashi Avenue
Xebio Co., Ltd., opened the first PGA Tour official shop in Japan, "PGA TOUR SUPERSTORE@ Tsukuba Gakuenhigashi IC of Avenue store", the duty-free shop in February.
Its location is about10min by car from the Joban road Sakura Tsuchiura IC. It is just like theme park facilities to attract all kinds of golfers.
Japan's largest test hitting facility, 100 brand and 2.4 million items are carried.
The facility provides custom fitting such as shaft replacement, tuning and producing the clubs by utilizing a single part.
All kinds of small accessories, the shoes and unique wears are also carried.
The customers could enjoy all day long in this large shop to enjoy its museum exhibiting a memorial goods of PGA tour pros,
:Business Hours :10AM to 20PM.

Please call +81-029-843-8120 for enquiries.


Nippon Shaft Co., Ltd., releases the latest model "NSPRO Regio Formula B,"
The latest model "NSPRO Regio Formula B,"pursue was launched on March 1 (Tuesday) .
It pursues "great length", based on the shaft characteristics and materials.
In general, the high tip rigid shaft is excellent in stability,
but has the disadvantage that it's hard to lift the ball.
However this product solved this disadvantages, by adapting
suitable matching of the supple middle rigidity. It realized the low-spin and great length
The product enabled strength and good impact feeling base on high-performance materials.
The price is 36,000 yen (tax included).
Please call +81-045-782-2562 for enquiries.